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“Digital Disruption in HR”

By Mr. Warner Jude Gonsalvez, Associate Director – Talent Acquisition, Cognizant.

With digital technology touching upon almost everything we do and redefining our existence for the better, only stands to reason that no stream of work is immune to be reimagined. Digital will disrupt HR and redesign the future/function of HR.

The HR technology industry received over $2 Billion in investment (source- CB insights research), serving as a catalyst to develop new age tool for recruitment, performance management, learning, employee engagement & wellness. All this technology will change the way HR attracts, engages, reskills, retains and nurtures talent in the new digital landscape. In this article I will touch upon the overall Digital Impact and focus on the Talent Acquisition Landscape.

Design shift of HR Technology & Platforms- Digital HR is here, in sync with the digital world. Today’s workforce expects the organization’s HR systems to function as easy as booking a cab on their mobiles. Web only applications are suddenly so old school in just 10 years of the advent of the smart phone. Technology change is ubiquitous, from mobiles, IOT (sensors, location awareness, multi device interface), wearables. Digital HR requires a confluence of design thinking, mobile apps, video, machine learning and behavioural economics. HR applications should be reimagined as “Platforms” and not “systems & programs”.

There is a significant shift from traditional licensed HR software to cloud based systems. These cloud based systems specialize in talent attraction, employee engagement, learning, performance management, communication and wellness. For organizations they bring to the table flexibility coupled with scale and most importantly amazing new game changing technology.

Digitized Talent Scouting- Not everyone is on job boards and indicate their openness to explore an opportunity. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a tool which crawls job boards, professional networking sites/blogs, open source coding platforms, social networks and then uses machine learning to indicate in order of preference who may be the best suited candidate for the job?? There are tools available which do just what the recruiter prescribed.

These skilled resources choose to remain anonymous hidden away from the conventional hiring platforms, how the organizations identify them and engage with them make or break a potential opportunity.

Digitized Candidate Experience Management- With better data coverage, real time people connect via social platforms has skyrocketed. The demand from potential job applicants is no less. There are tools available which enable potential job seekers and hiring managers to connect with each other cutting across, time zones sans any intervention from a recruiter. Consider the experience a candidate would have, who’s unable to make it for an in person interview but could do the same via a mobile/tablet. It may seem smug that candidates are less willing to take many in person interviews, but let’s get used to it else we’ll be left out.

Digitized Cherry Picking with Machine Learning/Bots- Want to make your profile standout, get it written by a professional. Generic search and match tools will pull out these profiles which have all the buzzwords, how will you identify the most apt one? That’s where Bots and scientific assessments make the difference. Hiring using analytics help siphon out the superficially curated profiles.

Before I close out, so if digital tools and solutions do everything what a recruiter is doing today, is there a need for a recruiter? Hell yeah, we need the recruiters. By taking away a lot of the transactions that digital tool and bots can do better, it allows the recruiter to actually partner better with the business, give insights, use data intrinsic intelligence to make decisions and add value to this function as opposed to just supplying resumes.

PS- I’ve consciously not mentioned the names of the tools I’m referring to as I don’t want to seem championing their product. Happy to have a conversation on the same though.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of his organisation.

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