A Quarterly Newsletter from AVTAR - October 2017
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From the Editorial Team

The Power of Change

Dear Powerchangers,

This edition of 'Power of Change' Newsletter is going to talk about 'Digital Disruption in HR'.

Here is a Sneak Peak on this issue:

"Digital Disruption in HR" by Mr. Warner Jude Gonsalvez, Associate Director - Talent Acquisition, Cognizant
Warner explains about Design Shift of HR Technology & Platforms, Digitized Talent Scouting, Digitized Candidate Experience Management and Digitized Cherry Picking with Machine Learning/Bots. He ends by giving an interesting perspective of a recruiter's role and how they can take advantage of the digital disruption to perform their functions much more effectively.

"Back to The Future: The Intersection of HR & AI" by Mr. Srini Ramaswami, Inclusion & Collaboration Leader - India & APJC, Cisco
Srini helps us in Understanding Artificial Intelligence. He also lists out how AI could revolutionize HR through the following steps: - Eliminating Bias and Recruiting Smarter, Efficient Internal Performance Management and Gamification for Engagement & Retention.

"Power of Change" by Mr. Manohar N Kakade, Global Staffing Leader, Honeywell
Manohar shares with us from his personal experience few tips to embrace Change. He concludes by talking about how successful people always have goals which they keep aiming irrespective of the change that is required.

Our Regular Columnists Marshall Goldsmith talks about "The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Lead a Changeless Life!" and Jack Canfield guides us on "Releasing the Brakes".

Dear Diary talks about a Business Leader who has tried various options but unable to find candidates for a particular position.

AVTAR Vignette
  • AVTAR Group conducted the second SEGUE Sessions for 2017. The Phase-Back Conference in Mumbai on August 10th 2017. We had representation from over 20 Companies for the day-long event which covered all aspects relating to Maternity and the Workplace.
  • Project PUTHRI in the journey of making 10,000 underprivileged Government school girls 'career intentional' every year! Has conducted several PUTHRI Mentors Orientation, Train the Trainer & Volunteer Meet Programmes. To join this movement, write to info@puthri.org
  • Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) 2017 - Top 10 and Top 100 list will be announced at the 'Best of the Best' conference in November'17 at Chennai.

  • Follow the latest updates of AVTAR Career Creators -

A big thank you to all our readers and those who contributed to this edition.

Enjoy this edition and wait for the next one! Wishing you in advance a great last quarter of 2017 both personally and professionally.

Editorial Team
The Power of Change
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