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“Power of Change”

By Mr. Manohar N Kakade, Global Staffing Leader, Honeywell

When I hear such management jargons today, it reminds me of my Childhood days where every day my parents use to tell me that “If you do X work/activity in a certain way, then you will get Y output which is positive and will help you in life. During those days, we used to be so flexible that we always wanted the change. We quickly used to get bored with similar or repetitive things.

As we all grow up with age and career, the tradition to change with times starts diminishing thus restricting one’s growth in different aspects. I would attribute this to a lot of factors and some of which may be due to:

  • Family
  • Existing Comfort

If one is deep into responsibilities on personal front OR is already enjoying a great phase in a career/business/profession/personal life, then in such circumstances our mind does not allow us to think of any change even for 1 %. It makes us take less risk taking by pulling us away back to the comfort zone. By doing this It does not makes us less confident but it only keeps pushing the newer task or challenging work to tomorrow and thus keep postponing the action and as we all know that tomorrow never comes.

Today the scenario is such that wherever you see or go, there is only one thing which is common and that is change. Flexibility is the 2nd name of success. Whether you are a home maker, a student, a teacher, a professional or an employee of an organization etc. Change is applicable to everyone and in every space. We always talk about others who resist change in certain situation and think that if I was in other person’s shoe, I would have done it with ease, but when you do get into similar situation, you behave exactly same way the other person behaved thus making us no different than the earlier one.

Many a time I wonder is change so difficult? What is there beyond change? How can we embrace change without becoming negative about it?

I am of the opinion that Change is only difficult till the time you make up your mind. To do so, basis my experience, I would suggest some quick tips:

  1. Think positive and set achievable goals
    Remain focused on the set task/goal. Break down your goals into small and achievable target which will give happiness on achieving it.
  2. Make like-minded friends
    make friends with those who share the same passion or zeal. Keep talking to them about your goals and give and take tips to achieve the same.
  3. Stay away from negativity
    You will come across many individuals/colleagues who will try to keep you away from your goals with their negative emission. Watch out for such souls and try to stay away from them
  4. Be confident & stay motivated
    Have self-confidence while doing your task. This will help you to stay motivated and focus on your goals
  5. Take regular stock of progress
    Keep checking your progress regularly and plan the next move. This will help you to be on the track.
  6. Strive to excel
    Do your best to meet your goals. Always keep a stretched target after you have achieved the 1st goal.
  7. Remain loyal towards your goal
    Never think of giving up your goals in between. There will be situations where your patience will be tested. Keep your calm

In today’s competitive world nothing comes easily. Every individual has to keep reinventing the wheel to be able to get recognized amongst the whole lot of other colleagues and this is applicable to everyone in their professional and personal life. It is said that more the risk, higher is the returns. If one believes in this then that’s when you start planning to accept change.

The successful people always have goals which they keeping aiming for irrespective of what change is required. They break it down into small and achievable targets and work towards achieving it. It is these people who know the positives and negatives of their goals and do not think twice or look back once they commit to it.

Thus it is said that “Power of Change “is immense and it gives a different high when you set some high goals and achieve it with your zeal and passion.

So what are you waiting for? Go for the change

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of his organisation.

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