A Quarterly Newsletter from AVTAR - October 2017
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We are very proud and happy to receive mails from all our readers, congratulating us, wishing us and even goading us to better heights. Please do feel free to write to us. It is our privilege to hear from you. Please write to us at careers@avtarcc.com

From: Senior School Teacher in Kuwait
To: Associate Editor
Subject: Julyí17 Edition of Power of Change

Hello Anil,

Very delighted to go through the editors notes.
Perhaps I can also take a cue from your newsletter.

Thank you for sharing the newsletter.

Senior School Teacher in Kuwait

From: HR Leader & Soon to be Mother
To: Associate Editor
Subject: Power of Change - Newsletter

Hi Anil,

Thanks for sending the Newsletter, itís always interesting and inspiring to read the articles.

Please note that I will be going on Maternity soon and will not be accessible on this email id. Would love to receive the newsletter on my personal email id.

Best Regards,
HR Leader & Soon to be Mother

From: An Offered Candidate
To: AVTAR Career Creators
Subject: Thank you!!!

Hi Muthu/ Shobana,

I am very thankful to both of you for helping me to get an offer with a Leading Client.

Thank you for your time, support and encouragement. You guys, I really appreciate for your hard work and support towards your candidate. It really need lot of patience to encourage the candidate and to get the offer to them. You both are assets to Avtar Consultancy.

Have a bright career. Very thank full to you guys.

Many thanks,

Kind Regards,
An Offered Candidate

From: A Successful Candidate
To: AVTAR Career Creators
Subject: Thank you!!!

Hi Sriram & Rajiv,

Thank you for your support for schedule interview with A Leading Client and Yesterday i got a offer letter from them for designation of "KYC - Specialist".

Thank you again for the exceptional courtesy and assistance of all the people in AVTAR Career Creators

Special thanks to Rajiv, Sriram and Aishwarya for your great support

I am very impressed with the AVTAR Career Creators Team.

Thanks & Regards,
A Successful Candidate

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