A Quarterly Newsletter from AVTAR - October 2017
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Dear Diary,

We are facing a problem in finding the right candidates for a critical position. The candidate who we will select for this role will have tremendous growth opportunity unlike what they traditionally can find in the market. We have tried multiple approaches and have failed. There is an assessment given to candidates which constitutes 80% weightage of the overall interview process. The results we are getting from the candidate are not even 50% matching our expectations. Please help us with a solution.

Business Leader

Dear Business Leader,

Thanks for reaching out. The focus should move away from the assessment result to making the candidates aware of what the role is. As you mentioned, this is a role with tremendous growth opportunities that cannot be found in other companies currently. This should be your USP when approaching the candidates. When we make them realize the importance of their Career Growth, then the next step is to explain the importance of taking time out and completing the assessment qualitatively. This surely will help you find the right candidates with good assessment scores who will join your company and perform the role effectively. All the best.

Dear Diary.
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