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Dear Power Changers,
Social Media is today a great leveller. It is also the one tool that shrinks your world and brings you multiple perspectives from around the globe.
Marshall Goldsmith's Column
Are You Wasting Your Time on Values Statements?
Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan
Recently, during an interview with Moustafa Hamwi for his show Passion Sundays, Moustafa asked me an important question: how valuable is it for a company to invest in helping employees find their own personal passions, not just business passions?
Jack Canfield's Column
Are You Asking the Right People the Right Questions?
Have you ever heard the saying, “the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask?”
I believe this one hundred percent... After all, it’s only when you ask the really big questions of yourself-


Employer Branding and Recruitment- How does it go hand in hand
By Dr. Nirmala Venkateswaran- Head HR- Chola MS Risk Services Ltd
“Employee Branding and Recruitment – How does it go hand in hand”.
Most of us are familiar with the story of the new recruits being shown “heaven” before the day of joining and “Hell” once they have been on-boarded and joined the company as an employee. The story goes something like this:
Is Employer Branding an answer to Talent Acquisition?
By Dr. Kiran Bhatia Tandon, Director HR, Snapdeal.com
Employer brand is a perception about organization brand for its employees and prospective employees. A Brand is significance of the values, the vision and to an extent reflects on the employee perception of the organization to the outside world.
Employer Branding

Employer branding refers to the positioning of a company as a top-class employer. The main purpose of employer branding is to manage the perception as an employer - with the aim of attracting the right employees to the company.

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Dear Diary

I am an employee with 5 years of work experience. I have worked in the same organization since the start of my career and have not thought about a job change until recently. I am very happy in my current organization but am left wanting in terms of upskilling and challenges at everyday work.

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