A Quarterly Newsletter from AVTAR - January 2017
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Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder - President,
AVTAR Career Creators
Dear Power Changers,
A wonderful New Year 2017 to you! May the year ahead deliver the best possible transformation for you, both personally and professionally!
Aloha !!
By Ms. Vidhya Narayanan - Associate Editor - Power of Change
As a professional, we all have challenges in integrating our work life. There have been situations where laptops and official conversations were a part of every weekends.
Marshall Goldsmith's Column
How to Get Better at Almost Anything!
Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan
At a pre-arranged time, I get a phone call from a person who I have hired solely for the purpose of listening to me report my scores on a brief self-test.


Shift from work-life balance to work-life integration- The Employee Experience
By Mr. Sridhar Venkatarayalu, Head -Human Resources, Aara Tech
To maintain a perfect rhythm and harmony in life, we were discussing about Work-Life Balance for some time now.
Jack Canfield's Column
“Take Control of Your Habits and Discover How Powerful You Really Are”
The reality is that you - and the life you lead today – are the result of your habits. Changing habits can seem difficult to accomplish at first, but success is a result of your habits.
Shift from Work-life balance to work-life integration-The Employee Experience
By Mr. Prakash Swaminathan, AVP Risk, Barclays

We have witnessed our Generation-X practice standard work hours, be it a Government or Private Job. However, with the fast changing world the erstwhile work life and personal life is getting inter-

Hopping Should be value based- Reproduced from TattvaLoka,
By Mr. R Krishnamoorthy - TattvaLoka

A global poll to find how people felt about the importance of their work revealed a startling finding: Employees actively engaging themselves at the workplace is an exception, rather than the rule.

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Dear Diary

Am an HR Manager with a Start up. I manage a span of 600 plus people and the organization is looking to promote Excellent performers into leadership roles but some of these performers are at a level of an Individual contributor and do not have any team management skill.

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