A Quarterly Newsletter from AVTAR - January 2016
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Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder - President,
AVTAR Career Creators
Dear Power Changers,
While Chennai faced a deluge like none other in the last month of 2015, I faced a personal deluge of emotions. I lost a very dear well-wisher - my 93 year old grandmother.
Marshall Goldsmith's Column
An Excessive Need To Be Me
We use our ideas of who we are to rationalize all kinds of behavior. Letting go of limiting definitions lets us do our best work.
Mark Reiter is a top literary agent and a master with words.
Jack Canfield's Column
5 Steps to Achieve Your Own Personal Transformation - and Make 2016 a Standout Year
December is a season of transformation - which means it's the perfect time to set aside an hour amid the bustle and whirl of activity and spend a few moments contemplating the idea of personal transformation.


Bridging the Generational Gap
By Ms. Anita Sinai Guha, Specialist Solutioning Leader, Professional Learning Delivery, IBM India Limited
Lately, multi-generational diversity has takes pride of place in discussions around inclusiveness in the workplace.
We have always had multiple generations working together in organisations.
Leveraging the benefits of Generational Diversity
By Mr. Sayan Bandyopadhyay - AVP HR (East, North East) Kotak Life Insurance
"You will not understand, there is a generation gap after all!" is the oft-repeated phrase that parents or uncles get to hear from the next generation hip gang, and often fail to understand how to get their point across.
Minding the generation gap in India Inc.
By Ms. Anju Rakesh, Research & Analytics Lead, AVTAR Group

Varun has been having sleepless nights, the past week. A 'born-to-be-people manager' that he was, this restlessness was new to him. As an HR lead with specialization in talent management strategies, he loved his job.

Recruitment Trends - What lies ahead in 2016
By Mr. K. Umasanker, Chief Recruiting Officer, AVTAR Career Creators

As we come to the end of this year, let's look at what went by and what lies ahead in the coming year. A broad look at different markets reveals that Innovation will be the Key Trend in 2016.
Earlier, this year we saw industries like Retail, RPO, IT and BPO peaking up.

2015 in retrospect - AVTAR in action
By Ms. Rashmi T R, Brand Communications Manager, AVTAR Group

It is that time of the year where we pause and look back to the year that was, and what a year it has been for us at AVTAR! Our 15th year, a crucial milestone for any organization, lived up to the expectations in more ways than one.

Dear Diary

I lead the HR function of an established pharma company. With our recent acquisition of another start-up in the same sphere, we have doubled the number of millennials (born after 1985) on our rolls. With that said, we now have people belonging to four or more generations working collaboratively in teams from senior executives born in the early 1960s to Gen Z/millennial trainees, who are right out of college.

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