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Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder - President,
AVTAR Career Creators
Dear Power Changers,
Last week, my husband and I drove down to a temple that was built in the 9th Century. As we stepped into the hoary halls that held so much of history, we marvelled at the 'intent' of the man or woman who had first conceptualised this amazing archaeological piece that still stood - many centuries later.
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s Column
E-Coaching: Using New Technology to Develop Tomorrow's Leaders
by Marshall Goldsmith
As the amount of information in the global mind increases, the challenge of accessing meaningful information grows.
The Power of Change
By Ms. Hema Mani, Director - Human Resources, LITC & LASEC
Footprints on the sand are not made sitting down. It is the law of nature to keep things on the move. Lets look at the weather , flora and fauna, Animals and birds. Everything around is a process of movement.


Jack Canfield's Column
When Goals are Forgotten: 4 Steps to Get Back on Track
By Jack Canfield
Most people start pursuing their goals – especially New Year’s resolutions – with great passion. But over time, they lose momentum, burn out and put their dreams aside.
Bridging the employability gap
By Mr. Vidyadhar Prabhudesai, Co-Founder & Trustee, LeadCap Trust / Co-Founder & Director LeadCap Ventures
More than 90 percent of the youth who are coming out of India's graduate schools are not industry ready in any manner - a complexity created by India's educational system and mindset.
HR role in E-Commerce start ups a quick guide

Experts speak on the attributes an HR professional must have to be successful in the fast-paced e-commerce environment


Tracking the Career Trajectories of Men and Women in India to Assess Career Intentionality - a report by FLEXI Careers India

250 women inspired for 'Second Innings' through SEGUE Sessions at Gurgaon

The social enterprise of AVTAR Career Creators, FLEXI Careers India's 10th edition of SEGUE Sessions that was held in Gurgaon concluded on 24th Feb 2015 at a grand scale and witnessed active participation of over 250 Women professionals planning to re-enter the corporate world. Microsoft, Vodafone, BA Continuum, Vodafone, XL Group, IDFC and BNY Mellon participated in the Gurgaon SEGUE Sessions.

Dear Diary

Of late I am sensing negativity mushrooming in my organization. I am receiving lot of negative rumors, which I am sure is based on some faulty information and incorrect assumptions, on policies and procedures. Rumors state that people are misunderstanding the corporate memo. Our organization regularly sends out newsletters on industry happenings, and one of them has been misinterpreted as some problem burgeoning in our very own organization.

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